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Pest Control & Fumigation

Pest Control & Fumigation

We can carry out a full fumigation to your property or business which will eradicate any type of flying or crawling insects within the premises, with maximum effect. We understand the importance of delivering a first class service. The service we provide is absolutely designed to be 100% fully effective even if your property is severely infested by bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, carpet beetles, flies, fleas, silverfish and moths. Please note; a fumigation service involves the use of toxic gases so it is vitally important to have experienced professionals to carry out this treatment when required. At 1 Touch , our pest technicians are fully trained and do adhere to the industry’s strict safety standards each and every time our service is called upon.


Success of the treatment much depends on the correct preparation and method being applied. We advise that you leave these decisions to someone qualified, failure to do so could make treatments ineffective and in some cases a whole lot worse.

Essentials when fumigating

No one should be inside the building during the process.
All plants should be removed.
All pets and animals should be kept out the area.
Food, medications and other essentials must be sealed in plastic.
Medicines not sealed in metal or glass containers should be removed.
All air conditioning systems must be turned off.
Closet doors, cupboards, and drawers must be opened before fumigation.
Cabinets, lockers and safes should be unlocked and remain open.